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5 Exciting Jean Rousseau Watch Straps for the Omega Speedmaster

Jean Rousseau Omega Speedmaster Straps

The Omega Speedmaster is a watch that needs little introduction, a legendary design that has more than earned its place in history. It’s the watch that landed on the moon for heaven’s sake. Such an iconic wristwatch deserves an equally iconic strap and so we’ve tried it on a range of options from Maison Jean Rousseau to find the perfect match.

Jean Rousseau Omega Speedmaster Alligator Camouflage Black

Alligator Camouflage Black, £320

Off the bat, alligator is one of the most classy and prestigious leather options around, ideal for the Speedmaster in elegant company. Although, the Camouflage Black isn’t quite so classic as a simple black or brown. But that’s no bad thing as the contrasting grey and black tones matching the steel case and black dial of the watch. Plus, it emphasises the sporty personality inherent in any tachymeter chronograph.

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Jean Rousseau Omega Speedmaster Classic 3.5 Goat White

Classic 3.5 Goat White, £130

Turn the contrast up to 11 is the Classic 3.5 Goat strap in pure white. The texture of the goat leather is much more granular than other options, giving the piece a more rugged feel to the touch. However, the aesthetic is pure space age, the sharp white and black look is reminiscent of the space shuttle or sterile environment of a space station. In keeping with the model’s heritage. It would look even better if the inner portion was black as well.

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Jean Rousseau Omega Speedmaster Compass Cordura Black

Compass Cordura Black,  £175

Moving away from leather we have Jean Rousseau’s other area of expertise, technical fabrics. This is the corudura black in a compass style, which means it has additional reinforcement around the pin holes. The black body with white stitching is the direct inverse of the Goat strap above and gives the watch a more subtle appearance. The material itself is designed to be resilient and water proof, making it a great option for sporting environments.

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Jean Rousseau Omega Speedmaster Nato Alcantara Grey

Nato Alcantara Grey, £190

This Nato style Alcantara strap offers a totally different style to any of the others presented here. For one, the suede-like material is soft to the touch, completely changing how it feels on the wrist.

It also pairs with the grey-tone of the case rather than complementing or playing against the black dial, which is a nice contrast in aesthetic.

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Jean Rousseau Omega Speedmaster Straps

Vintage Calf Leather Straps (Grey, Red, Taupe, Brown, Green), £120 – £130

If you want to make your watch a real statement piece, you might consider adding a dash of colour with one of Jean Rousseau’s colourful Vintage Calf straps. Here we have brown, beige, grey, green and red. The vintage design emphasises the heritage design of the Speedmaster, being a watch that hasn’t changed much since the 1960s. However, the more out there options such as the red might suit a more colourful Speedmaster reference, such as the Speedmaster ’57, a little better.

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More details at Jean Rosseau.

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