USA FlagThe United States is a vast and diverse country filled to the brim with countless places of historical significance, innovation, and spectacular entertainment. As you begin to think about where you might want to visit on your future vacation in this great nation, it can be one hell of a task to narrow down why you are going to spend your time and money to ensure you have the most fabulous time possible.

To give you a helping hand as you begin to plan your getaway, this quick guide will tell you about four of the top things you can do in the USA that will guarantee you have an incredible time.

1. Take in a show in Broadway

Broadway Sign

New York is a world-famous city of many wonders, one of which is the glittering theater district of Broadway. If you’re considering the Big Apple as a destination, you might be wondering “what is so special about Broadway and why should I spend my money here?” One reason is Broadway is considered to create some of the best theater and musical productions in the world which frequently win awards, something that is proven by over one billion dollars in ticket sales sold in 2010 alone. The sheer scale of the productions is immense and can only be seen in this small corner of the world making it a truly unique experience. Broadway is a once in a lifetime opportunity and definitely worth checking out.

2. See the wonderful Myrtle Beach

Myrtle BeachAmerica is not only famous for its bustling cities like New York and Los Angeles, but for the stunning beaches it has to offer, along with its vibrant coastline. One such place is the gorgeous Myrtle Beach which can be found in South Carolina. Some great reasons to visit include the amazing accommodation you can find through to suit whatever needs you have. Myrtle Beach also boasts some of the best seafood restaurants in the country and the famous Myrtle Beach SkyWheel.

Aside from these great reasons, American beaches can offer you brilliant views which can provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway and a solo trip to de-stress from the worries of everyday life.

3. Explore the history of the White House

The White House

If you enjoy history and politics, the going on one of the White House tours could be a great thing to do during your time staying in the USA. Through these tours, you are able to get a glimpse of the history that built the White House and current political landscape that shapes the everyday functions that go on within its walls.

4. Enjoy the thrill of NASA

Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center

Finally, there is the incredible NASA site you can visit down in Florida which offers a great range of things to do to fill up a whole day learning about the stars. There are lots on offer here including grand tours of the ground by bus where you can see where real spaceships have been launched from. Another great experience is to visit the unique on-site cinemas to watch exclusive films about the history of NASA and their missions, before taking a look around to see actual rockets that have been to space and replicas built to scale.