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Etien’s T02 Brings Colourful Guilloché to a Stunning Dress Watch

Etien Watches T02 Olive Green

Etien first emerged from the vibrant hub of watchmaking that is Singapore in 2021 with their debut timepiece. While that first watch displayed many of the qualities that have come to define the brand, it’s their second watch, the T02 that has really cemented them as a brand to watch. It features a stunning guilloché dial and manual movement that shows a serious commitment to the horological arts.

Let’s move past all the preamble and start talking about the fabulous dial, which is really the highlight of the piece. It features a central guilloché disc, central leaf shaped hands and a peripheral hour and minute scale. The guilloché pattern is mesmerising with its scale-like appearance and slight vortex twist that makes the eye follow its curve. There are three colours available called Blue, Ice Blue and Olive Green.

Etien T02-Blue

All three colours of the Etien T02 work really well and give the dial an almost iridescent aesthetic, particularly the blue edition. My personal favourite is the Ice Blue as it reminds me of a more intricate take on the dial of the super popular Tissot PRX ice blue. That intricacy is made possible by the use of CNC engine turning. The colour is then achieved using cold enamel, a material that achieves an enamel style finish with a hard surface and slight translucence. In this regard, the dial can be described as a type of Fliniqué, which is enamel over guilloché.

Etien Watches T02 Ice Blue

Zooming out from the dial to look at the case, we see that it measures 39mm in diameter and sits slim on the wrist with a height of just 8mm. It’s really well sized for a dress watch being small enough to slip easily under a cuff while also being big enough to showcase that highlight dial. Shape-wise, it’s circular with a round bezel and contrasting brushed and polished surfaces on the sides and top.

Etien T02-Olive Green

The caseback reveals an exhibition window that shows the movement housed inside. It’s the Swiss ETA 7001 manual movement with 42-hour power reserve and 21,600 vph. While there are more prestigious calibres out there, it’s a solid workhorse movement and makes sense for a brand like Etien.

Etien Watches T02 Blue
Etien Watches T02 Olive Green
Etien Watches T02 Ice Blue

The Etien T02 is priced at $1,450 (approx. £1,170), which feels appropriate for the mechanical movement and Fliniqué dial. The Blue edition is limited to 50 pieces while the Ice Blue and Olive Green are slightly more exclusive with just 10 of each available. One thing’s for sure, if this is what Etien can achieve with their second watch, they have an exciting future ahead of them.

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Etien T02
  • Case/dial: 39mm diameter x 8mm thickness, stainless steel case, blue, ice blue or olive green dial
  • Water resistance: 50m (5 bar)
  • Movement: Swiss ETA calibre 7001, manual winding
  • Frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
  • Power reserve: 42h
  • Functions: Hours, minutes
  • Strap: Crazy horse leather
  • Price/availability: $1,450 (approx. £1,170), limited to 10 pieces (olive green & ice blue) and 50 pieces (blue)

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