Diamond Foundry Create Ring Made 100% From Diamond

Jony Ive

Apple’s Head Designer Sir Jony Ive

Jewellery isn’t exactly the most innovative industry, still relying on old artisanal techniques passed down for generations. Made from 100% diamond, the (Red) Diamond Ring from Diamond Foundry successfully manages to throw that idea on its head, thanks to the use of innovative technology and some creative minds. This unique piece was partially possible thanks to the help of Apple’s Sir Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson who combined to create the ring for LA-based diamond manufacturer Diamond Foundry.

Diamond Foundry Ring from Sir Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson

The highly experienced team used Diamond Foundry’s Plasma Reactor technology to build up a diamond from scratch, using a painstaking process which adds layers of the precious stone, atom by atom. Eventually, you are left with a rock big enough to create a ring completely hewn out of diamond. The cutting was perhaps the biggest challenge, but with the help of an Antwerp-based master cutter, the team have used a mixture of waterjet and laser cutting, resulting in a piece with over 3000 facets and absolutely no casing or metal whatsoever. As well as innovation this unique piece is also championing a good cause, with the proceeds of its sale going to (RED) a non-profit organisation to raise money to help the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The ring will be on display on December 1st (World AIDS Day) at Art Basel in Miami before it goes up for auction on December 5th at Sothebys‘ own event. The lot is expected to fetch $250,000 USD.

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