Sam Kessler

Legend has it that Sam’s first word was ‘escapement’ and, while he might have started that legend himself, he’s been in the watch world long enough that it makes little difference. As the editor of Oracle Time, he’s our leading man for all things horological – even if he does love yellow dials to a worrying degree. Owns a Pogue; doesn’t own an Oyster Perpetual. Yet.

Tom Pettit

Born into a family of watch lovers, Tom is both co-founder of Oracle Time and the driving force behind its creative direction. A lover of retro watch design, vintage style and classic cars, his usual glasses are nicely rose-tinted.

Nick Carvell

A lifelong fan of double denim (even triple on occasion), Nick started his career as Social Media Editor of before working as Associate Style Editor at British GQ then Editor of The Jackal. He is now a freelance menswear editor – as well as Oracle Time’s Style Editor-at-Large – writing from lockdown at his kitchen table in South London.

James Buttery

James Buttery lives and breathes watches, editing watch industry bible WatchPro before moving to QP magazine. He has been called on to comment on watches and the industry by the BBC, CNN and the International New York Times among others. Now, he’s the head of watches over at Hype Beast.

Ken Kessler

Ken Kessler is unimpressed by the 21st century and enjoys retro, if costly, boys’ toys, such as cameras, mechanical watches and fountain pens – of late, he is obsessed with Italian red wine. He has written four books on luxury hi-fi equipment and collects chronographs, film noir DVDs, open reel recordings and anything vaguely related to The Beatles.

Lewis Nunn

Often dubbed the real-life Patsy Stone, Lewis is an editor and travel journalist writing about luxury travel and cruise holidays for all leading Fleet Street newspapers. He knows how to travel in style – preferably with a glass of Bolly in-hand.

Jake Scatchard

Growing up in a horological household, Jake’s been privileged to see history’s finest timepieces spill over the dining room table. Working with his father, Jonathan (founder of Vintage Heuer), he has a passion for the timeless sports watches of the ‘60s and ‘70s – and not just Heuers, at that.

Aidy Smith

Aidy Smith is a wine and spirits personality and one of the presenter trio behind Amazon Prime TV Series, The Three Drinkers. In better times, he is often found scouring the globe for his next tipple. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it. You can follow his adventures on Instagram at @sypped.

Russell Sheldrake

Russell Sheldrake has been addicted to watches ever since he got his hands on his father’s 1970s Omega Seamaster 120. Now you can find him thinking, talking and writing about watches all over London. Previously a staff writer at Gentleman’s Journal, he is now the editor of A Collected Man.

Adam Hay-Nicholls

Adam Hay-Nicholls specialises in Formula 1, expensive cars and luxury travel, and contributes to GQ, the Sunday Telegraph, City A.M. and Metro. Among his many international adventures, he’s raced McLarens in the Arctic Circle, been a chauffeur in Las Vegas and flown non-stop around the world by private jet.

Richard Fox

Auction reporter Richard Fox has covered everything from sixteenth-century German clocks to the latest modern timepieces such as Urwerk’s atomic master clock and titanium wristwatch. If it’s going under the hammer and it’s worth putting a bid on, he knows about it

Spencer Hart

As well as being a watch-lover, Spencer is a self-confessed tech addict. He spends warm summer days indoors setting up the latest gadgets (eventually swearing when they don’t work) and has written for some of the largest tech sites in the UK.

Chris Youé

Watch specialist at Phillips Auction House in London, Chris comes from a long background in watch retail, wears a Zenith Daytona and plays a Fender Jazzmaster in Firemist Silver (with a heavy right hand)…

Michael Sonsino

A relative newcomer to the world of luxury watches, Michael is the new Junior Content Producer for Oracle Time. He’s still trying to tell his balance spring from his tourbillon and as such is a fan of timepieces with a simple design, and who can blame him. But he has an eye for detail, being an avid miniatures collector, so we’re sure he’ll learn the difference quickly!

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