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Best Christmas Gifts for Watch Lovers

Omega Seamaster 007 by Inkdial Print, £120 (Set of 2)

Omega Seamaster 007 by Inkdial

After he illustrated our previous cover and our 8 iconic watch designs article, we’ve become a little obsessed with the work of Ben Li, better known by his Instagram handle, Inkdial. Any fan of both watches and James Bond will likely feel the same after seeing this two-piece tribute to No Time to Die. Created using markers and pen on premium paper to A4 size, it’s incredibly detailed, right down to the Milanese bracelet. With one print showing 007 on a Triumph motorbike, the other the iconic DB5, it’s the best Daniel Craig’s looked in the past five years.

Available at Inkdial.

Bennet Winch Triple Watch Roll, £595

Bennett Winch Triple Watch Roll

A seriously luxurious travel roll that won’t frustrate you by, you know, rolling, Bennet Winch’s supremely well-designed hexagonal take on the classic horological travel accessory is a British-made masterstroke. With space for three different watches and available in black or brown leather, the combination of flexible Kevlar core and Alcantara suede lining makes for a surprisingly rugged piece that’s soft enough to protect your timepieces without danger of scratching. While a few more colours wouldn’t go amiss, this is the kind of christmas gift that says ‘serious collector’ whenever and wherever you take it out.

Available at Bennett Winch.

Royal Oak: From Iconoclast to Icon Book, £195

Royal Oak from Icon to Iconoclast book

There’s no watch as instantly recognisable as the Royal Oak; its octagonal bezel redefined luxury watches back in the 70s and its legacy’s only loomed larger since. This gorgeous book from Maison Assouline explores precisely how and why it became the definitive sports luxe watch, shedding light on new archival materials, and the timepiece’s broader cultural impact. Throw in a few testimonies from friends of the brand and prominent collectors and you have the biography of the Royal Oak. It looks good on your coffee table, too. 

Available at Assouline.

Loupe System & MB&F Project LPX, CHF 3,300 (approx £2,925)

Loupe System & MB&F Project LPX

What do you get when you combine arguably the best watch magnifiers in the world with an absurdly out-of-the-box watchmaker? This: a rocket ship dedicated to watch detail. The bright blue rocket doubles as storage space for up to three Loupe System loupes, two of which offer different magnifications with which to appreciate the finer minutiae of your timepieces. Better yet, it’s a visual upgrade that you can take digital with a universal clip for your phone. That macro shot you’ve been trying to get for your Instagram? This is how you do it. And if you need to take it with you to find watches in the wild, it all packs up into a travel case. It’s pricey, but who can really put a price on that perfect close-up?

Available at Loupe System.

Temporal Goods Rigid Case, $350 (approx. £307)

Temporal Goods - Rigid Case (Light Grey BG)

Made from a combination of aerospace-grade aluminium and high modulus carbon fibre for strength and lightness, along with a microsuede lining to avoid scratching your watch, this hardwearing case from Temporal Goods can take everything the elements throw at it. The patent-pending design is water resistant and dust-proof and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s the gift that keeps on giving protection to a timeless timepiece, all crowned with a fun, dial-inspired lid. 

Available at Temporal Goods.

Jean Rousseau Vintage Strap Collection, £120 Each

Jean Rousseau Vintage Strap

A decent vintage watch deserves a strap to match – especially given most older leather straps might not be looking too healthy a few decades on. Yet rather than lose that aged look, instead opt for a piece from French leather maestro Jean Rousseau. Their Vintage strap collection offers a hand-patina for their sumptuous calfskin, pairing perfectly with a subtly aged dial and case that’s a few birthdays past pristine. There are a number of options, the patent brown being the safest, but for our money the pale green is the perfect counterpoint to a 50s-era dial and an ideal christmas gift for your watch loving friend or family member.

Available at Jean Rouseau.

Cased in Time Single Watch Case, From £18

Cased in Time Single Watch Case

Fine leather’s all well and good but sometimes you just need a simple, rugged and ideally cool layer of protection for your horological travel companion of choice. Between the rugged nylon outer shell and EVA inner shell, this svelte, colourful number from Cased in Time offers 360-degree protection. It’s as simple and effective as a tried-and-tested field watch, and with an extensive range of eye-catching colours (we’re having a hard time deciding between the red and green) there’s a case for every watch. Best of all? It won’t break the bank. One for each dial colour in the collection perhaps?

Available at Cased in Time.

Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One Racing, £550

Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One Racing

If you’re fed up with keeping your calendar watch fully wound by hand (the alternative being having to set day, date, month, year and time again) then you’ll want a decent automatic watch winder – and if it’s as well-tuned as a supercar then all the better. Italian winder specialist Scatola del Tempo has all bases covered with the latest automotive inspired version of their sleek Rotor One. In sleek black with bright yellow stitching for that high contrast, performance vibe, it’ll keep your watch ticking for up to three years straight before you need to switch out the batteries.

Available at Scatola Del Tempo.