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The Best Christmas Gifts for Watch Lovers

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Reverso Book, €195 (approx. £167.40)

Jaeger-LeCoultre: Reverso Book

As the iconic Reverso approaches the grand old age of 90, it’s a good opportunity to add a lush tome to your library (or indeed your coffee table) courtesy of the twin excellences of Maison Assouline and horological historian Nick Foulkes. The new book is an absolute stunner and, even if you’re not a fan of its Art Deco stylings, it’s worth a read for any educated collector, tracing the history and evolution of what might just be the world’s first serious sports watch.

Available at Assouline.

Visconti Watch Roll, €440 (approx. £370)

Visconti Milano Week Organiser Watch Roll

Do you have a watch for every day of the week? No? Then you’re just not a true collector. This watch roll by the Italian artisans at Visconti Milano caters only to the most dedicated of horological aficionados, made from sumptuous leather that’s downright glorious to the touch and with space for seven fine timepieces, marked each by a day of the week. It’s not one to be knocked around, but it is a fitting ode to the watches you simply can’t be separated from, wherever your travels take you.

Available at Visconti Milano.

Modalo Timeless Mv4, £881.51

Modalo Timeless Mv4

There are few things more frustrating in life than keeping your entire watch collection wound and at the ready like slow motion plate spinning. Modalo is here to help that horological circus act with their ironically named Timeless MV4. A dark mix of macassar ebony and sleek, glossy black, the winder can hold four automatic watches in a manner to which they can quickly become accustomed. There’s also space for two additional watches hidden under the wooden front panel, perfect for more delicate pieces – or those you’d rather not put on full display. Rife with technological innovations, this is a serious winder for serious timepieces.

Available at Modalo.

QLOCKTWO Classic Creators Edition Vintage Copper Wall Clock, £2,150

QLOCKTWO Classic Creators Edition Vintage Copper Wall Clock

This is what a good patina can look like. None of that dirty, foggy look that bronze watches get but the unique, oxidised greenish blue of the Statue of Liberty. With a background like that, the letters of QLOCKTWO’s signature wordy time-telling look almost engraved into the metal. Fusing archaic material and modern innovation, not only do you get an interior statement piece, but you’ll never have to work out the time again. You know, if you were struggling with that beforehand.

Available at QLOCKTWO.

William Wood Green Firehose Strap, £100

William Wood Green Firehose Strap

Ever saved someone from a burning building? William Wood’s upcycled straps have. Well, potentially, at least. Made from the discarded water hoses of various firefighting regiments around the world, this khaki green number comes from the British Armed Forces Defence Fire & Rescue Unit, hence its militaristic look. If you’re looking for something a little bit different from your usual canvas NATO number, look no further. It’s subtler than their usual brightly-coloured fare, but every bit as gloriously smoke-wreathed.

Available at William Wood.

Original Artwork by Julie Kraulis, prints from $300 (approx. £215)

Original Artwork by Julie Kraulis

From impossibly detailed drawings of haute horology movements to more abstract takes on iconic timepieces, Toronto-based Julie Kraulis can turn graphite into true watchmaking art. They’re not small either; her take on Paul Newman measures in at 20’’ by 30’’ – that’s a good five feet high. You can nab yourself a limited edition print from about $300 or commission an original artwork for considerably more. If there’s something of a watchmaking bent your home gallery is crying out for, then drop her a line.

Available at Julie Kraulis.

BECO TECHNIC 11-Piece Watchmaker Service Set, £98.75

BECO TECHNIC 11-Piece Watchmaker Service Set

Any watch lover should be able to keep their favourite timepiece ticking, provided they have the right tools. This set of professional-standard implements from the industry specialists at BECO TECHNIC has all the right stuff, including a loupe, screwdrivers, a spring bar tool, a pair of caseback openers and assorted spring bars. From a simple strap swap to a full-on disassembly, these tools have you covered. Just don’t blame us if putting things back together turns out harder than expected.

Available at Watch Obsession.

Watch Gang Platinum Subscription, $300 per month (approx. £215)

Watch Gang Platinum Subscription

Can’t decide on a watch? Let someone else do it for you. Watch Gang might sound like a nineties rap group gone wrong, but the monthly subscription service is the biggest of its kind for good reason, predominantly value. As it sounds, the platinum package is at the top end of scale at just under $300 per month. On the other hand, each monthly watch retails for up to $1,500, so that’s a big margin. You’re guaranteed an automatic movement and the chance to win a Rolex and TAG Heuer every week. In short, you get a lot of bang for your buck, even if you don’t quite know what’s going to fire.

Available at Watch Gang.

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