Bell & Ross’s Twin BR V2 Heritage Models

BR V2-94 Steel Heritage BR V2-94 Steel Heritage BR V2-92 Steel Heritage

Along with death and taxes, one immutable fact of life is that Bell & Ross make square watches. Yet as Jimmy Carr and half of big business has shown over the past few years, ‘immutable’ confusingly isn’t always set in stone. Take the BR V2 Heritage models as an example.

BR V2-92 Steel Heritage

BR V2-92 Steel Heritage

Not only is it (shock horror) round, it shares a lot with the kind of vintage diving watches you expect Tudor to be more comfortable with. Still, in typical Bell & Ross fashion there’s a lot to love – and the faux-aged lume and Rolex-inspired red 100m on the dial are the least of it.

The watch is actually available in two models, a simple automatic and a chronograph. You can tell the different pretty easily with subdials and extra pushers on the latter, but both have that clear 1960s style, right down to the cross-hatched tropic strap available on ether.

BR V2-94 Steel Heritage

BR V2-94 Steel Heritage

They also happen to be wonderfully accessible. At just £2,450 for the BR V2-92 automatic and £3,600 for the BR V2-94, they have all the niceties of a vintage submariner for a fraction of the price. These kinds of pieces might not be Bell & Ross’s strongest suit but they’re very, very far from a weakness.

Price: BR V2-92 Steel Heritage (£2,200 / £2,450 for steel bracelet); BR V2-94 Steel Heritage (£3,350 / £3,600 for steel bracelet), more details at Bell & Ross.

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