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The Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Heralds A New Dawn For The Danish Brand

Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Gamma Green

Sometimes, to move forwards, you have to look back. For the first time in more than eighteen months, Danish independent watchmaker Arcanaut has announced a new collection. Since its previous limited edition D’Arc Matter model made waves with its slate composite dial, that original provides inspiration for the new, fittingly called the Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection.

There are four watches in the new collection and they are the cutely named Badger Blue, Gamma Green, Hornet Yellow, and Pongo Orange models. These colourful updates to the original model employ a new handset and four proprietary shades of lume that were developed with RC Tritec, the brand’s Swiss-based Super-LumiNova supplier. You quite literally won’t see these specific colours anywhere else in the watch industry.

Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Pongo Orange Lume

The blue and the green lumes both emit a true-to-shade glow when the lights get low, but the yellow model glows an almost toxic shade of pale green for an unexpected and achingly cool nighttime surprise. Of the four lumes, the orange was the hardest to get right, with glow strengths of anything approaching red historically poor.

While the orange remains the weakest emission in the dark, it’s definitely my personal favourite. Regardless, all four models in the Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection come in hand-finished 40.52mm cases made from stainless steel with a sweeping tonneau-esque shape. The cases are water resistant to 100 meters and are manufactured in Denmark. The casebacks are closed and decorated with a periodic-table-inspired graphic and behind them beats a Soprod A10 automatic calibre with 42-hour power reserve.

Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Hornet Yellow
Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Pongo Orange

We should also mention the dial, which are based on the original Arc II and made from Arcanaut’s special composite material. It’s produced by taking Scandinavian slate and feeding it through an industrial coffee grinder, the result of which is then bonded with an ultra-clear binding agent to create this unique slate powder texture. It makes for a cool, dark backdrop that really lets the new lume and coloured strips shine.

Eight strap colours are available (Void Blue, Fett Green, Replicant White, Axe Red, Rex Brown, Kakarot Orange, Bondi Blue, and Black) and can be selected after purchase. Anyone taking part in the pre-sale will also receive an exclusive Arcanaut care package comprising a cap, a t-shirt, a Black Badger UV torch, and a spare strap of the customer’s choosing.

Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Badger Blue

Each D’Arc Matter Colours model will have a limited production of just 25 pieces each in 2023. The brand will put 60% of that allocation up for pre-sale (available to existing sign-ups of the D’Arc Matter mailing list and anyone who has signed up for one of the model-specific mailing lists live on the website right now), ensuring at least 10 of each piece will go on general release at 7pm CEST September 30th following general pre-sale opening at 7pm CEST on September 23rd.

Arcanaut D’Arc Matter Colours Collection Caseback

The first ten sales (across all colours and platforms, including the brand’s US retailer Collective Horology) during the pre-sale process will also receive a lume-filled “Clocktopus” signet ring in sterling silver. Everyone who partakes in the pre-sale will also be entered into a raffle to win one version of the signet ring in 18-karat gold (and if you buy more than one watch, you will be entered more than once in the raffle). A fun, colourful take on a Danish brand’s signature collection. What’s there not to love?

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Arcanaut ARC II D’Arc Matter Colours Collection
  • Case/dial: 40.52mm diameter, stainless steel case, D’Arc Matter slate stone composite dial, green, blue, yellow or orange coloured hours markers and lume
  • Water resistance: 100m (10 bar)
  • Movement: Soprod calibre A10, automatic
  • Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
  • Power reserve: 42h
  • Functions: Hours, minutes
  • Strap: Rubber
  • Price/availability: £3,180, limited to 25 pieces per colourway per year, and only 15 available in the pre-sale

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