An Elaborate Skeleton from Molnar Fabry

Molnar Fabry Grand Master Skeleton

Slovakian watchmaker Molnar Fabry is a strange prospect. If we simply told you that they’re finishing pre-made components, you may wonder why we would even be putting them before your eyes. If we showed you though… well, just take a look.

MF-Grand Master Skeleton

The Grand Master Skeleton is, as the name suggests, a skeleton watch and it is absolutely stunning. Rather than removed completely, the bridges have been scroll worked to perfection, with elegant flourishes worthy of a Steinway grand. Add in a huge emerald alongside the synthetic rubies of the movement, a few diamonds around the case and a level of finishing that could make Greubel Forsey sweat and you have a watch worth paying attention to.

Price & Specs:

    • Model name: Molnar Fabry Grand Master Skeleton
    • Dial/Case: 44mm diameter, Palladium white gold
    • Movement: Caliber Eta 6498-2
    • Power reserve: 56h
    • Price: 64000 Eur (without taxes)

More details at Molnar Fabry.

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