5 Drones For All Budgets

1. PARROT MAMBO (£100)

The Mambo is an excellent entry-level drone and riotous fun to boot. There’s no camera, but it does have a canon that fires tiny balls, as well as a grabber to pick up small objects. Best suited to indoor use, it has excellent stabilisation tech and performs some fancy aerobatic tricks;

2. AIRSELFIE (£235)

This ultra-light pocket-sized drone features four tiny fans that propel it to a height of 20m. From there, you can control it via smartphone and shoot impressive aerial selfies of friends and family. It’s something of a novelty, but great fun at parties and festivals;

3. DJI MAVIC PRO (£1,099)

The current king of the skies, this semi-pro drone is incredibly portable (it folds up) and shoots broadcast-quality 4K video. It flies for up to 27 minutes per charge, takes off and lands autonomously and features automatic subject tracking, which makes for slick, cinematic footage;

4. PARROT DISCO FPV (£1,149)

This fixed-wing drone resembles a stealth bomber and streaks through the sky at 50mph, shooting 4K video via a camera in its nose cone. Assuming you don’t suffer from vertigo, you can pilot it via a video streaming VR headset. To launch it, toss it in the air like a paper aeroplane;


GoPro’s first drone has some unique features. In addition to automated take off and landing it has a ‘sport mode’ that sees it zip along at 35mph for up to 20 minutes per charge. It’s easy to fly and comes with an app that allows someone else to pilot the drone while you ‘steer’ the camera;

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