25 Years of de Grisogono

De Grisogono 25th Anniversary Collection

Any company that reaches 25 years should celebrate; it means they were around before Google, practically prehistoric. Genevan jeweller de Grisogono apparently agree; having hit their quarter century, they’ve been celebrating hard in the way they know best with some new additions to their High Jewellery collection.

In tribute to each of those glorious 25 years the jeweller has created an equally glorious piece of high jewellery in their honour. Unexpected contrasts, striking materials, innovative designs, everything that makes de Grisogono what the jeweller they are is apparent in full force throughout the collection.

de Grisogono High Jewellery Bracelet

de Grisogono High Jewellery bracelet – 18K white gold set with 1 pear-shaped white diamond (approx. 4.06 Ct) and 1 pear-cut emerald (approx. 4.96 Ct)

At one end of the spectrum is a five looped bracelet, entwined in diamond scales and completed with twin large stones, one white diamond, one emerald. Deceptively simple, it’s pure, unequivocal glamour. At the other end is a pair of earrings whose bright pink undulations could put coral to shame. An unending barrier reef of rubies, the vibrant colour is offset with a 6 round-cut diamonds to finish.

de Grisogono High Jewellery ring

de Grisogono High Jewellery ring – 18K white gold set with 1 cushion-cut blue sapphire (approx. 7.25 Ct), 16 marquise-cut white diamonds (approx. 6.50 Ct) and 407 emeralds (approx. 13.76 Ct)

de Grisogono High Jewellery ring & earring

de Grisogono High Jewellery ring – 18K white gold set with 1 cushion-cut Vivid Red no heat ruby(approx. 10.06 Ct), 1 baguette-cut ruby (approx. 0.41 Ct), 30 baguette-cut white diamonds (approx. 6.72 Ct) and 74 rubies (approx. 0.38 Ct)
High Jewellery earrings – 18K white and pink gold set with 2 pear-shaped white diamonds (approx. 1.00 Ct and 1.06 Ct), 2 pear-cut Vivid Red no heat rubies (approx. 7.54 Ct and 7.57 Ct), 2 trapeze-cut rubies (approx. 0.71 Ct), 48 baguette-cut white diamonds (approx. 6.52 Ct), 164 rubies (approx. 0.50 Ct) and 366 white diamonds (approx. 0.52 Ct)

de Grisogono High Jewellery earrings

de Grisogono High Jewellery earrings – 18K pink gold set with 6 round-cut white diamond (approx. 14.82 Ct), 4 white diamonds (approx. 0.27 Ct) and 2,415 rubies (approx. 247.86 Ct)

Both pieces are unique; both are beautiful, and like the other 23 pieces in the collection, they highlight what makes de Grisogono the jeweller they are. We can only wonder what they’ll do when they hit 50…

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